Die Zwiefachen

"Die Zwiefachen" were founded in 1999 upon the initiative of Uta Plate, who advertised in sheltered housing projects for teens. Lots of them were interested in theatre, some stayed. "Die Zwiefachen" were born, and with them the idea to tell stories about their experiences. The stage at Schaub├╝hne Berlin gives them a platform to express themselves. No casting decides about being accepted into the group, but they all share a biography that is marked by throwbacks and little support.

Their work ranges from dance to singing, from writing to improvising, and offers them chances and possibilities they didn't have before. Theatre as a complex means of expression becomes accessible, so they can put their own stories, their own ideas on stage and come to terms with them by way of a public discourse.

Their works are presented at Schaub├╝hne as well as at national and international festivals.